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Welcome to Laughing Kids and Wagging Tails!

If you are looking to find your happy place, as well as useful tools for personal improvement, building strong relationships, and finding ways to make your family (and yourself!) happy, you came to the right place!

In the hustle bustle of today’s busy world we have seemingly lost sight of what makes us happy.  For me, it’s my family.  Hear my kids laugh and the way my dog greets me when I come home is my true happy place.

Laughing Kids and Wagging Tails is based around that happiness, and finding what makes you happy.  You will find a bit of everything around here, from personal growth, building your relationships, having fun with your family, my families favorite recipes, and other items to help you find what makes you happy.


Along the way you will meet me, my family which includes my ever so support husband, our two beautiful boys and our crazy animal family.

In a world filled with parenting wars, parent shaming, high expectations, and busy schedules, I hope you find a bit of calm and happy at Laughing Kids and Wagging Tails.  A judgement free, village building, find-your-happy resource.

Welcome to the Laughing Kids and Wagging Tails family!

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